Cemetery Headstone Revitalization Project

Jennifer Jarret

Revitalizing the Cemetery… one headstone at a time!

Last year, Jennifer and her family decided they wanted to come up with a service project to give back to the community. Calling on Jennifer’s expertise, the Jarrets – including Jennifer’s 95 year old grandfather Ed, adopted Mt. Gilead’s cemetery and approached the Board of Directors with their idea of bringing the headstones back to life. One year later they are working their way through the cemetery, one headstone at a time, meticulously helping previously illegible stones bring forth their names.

Using a natural biological solution, Jennifer carefully cleans the headstones methodically, and the names on the stones come back to life.

Jennifer is an historical architect and native of Doylestown Borough. She has a BA in American History from Temple University and a Master’s in Architecture from the University of Miami. She lives in Doylestown Borough with her husband John and their seven-year-old daughter where she also serves on Doylestown’s Historic Architectural Review Board and Borough Council.