Upcoming Events at Mt Gilead

Memorial Day Service: Sunday, May 21, 2023 3 pm
Join us in celebrating our freedom and honoring those who make it possible.

Mount Gilead Fundraising Efforts
Mount Gilead is in need of repairs that will ensure that the building and cemetery are preserved for future generations. Please consider contributing to our 2022-2023 Capital Campaign, with the goal of raising $100,000 for improvements to Mount Gilead’s exterior, interior and grounds. We are nearly 1/3 of our way to our goal. Every dollar helps preserve this treasured building for future generations.

In Case You Missed It: Mount Gilead Open House
Our Open House on May 7 was a huge success! We were able to share the rich history of our tiny church with hundreds of visitors from our community, and raised nearly $10,000 for our restoration efforts.
Click here to learn for more information about the Open House

Mount Gilead Community Church, 1940 Holicong Road, New Hope, PA 18938